Belinda-0286The few hours that Belinda spent with me in my home were not only fun, but truly memorable. I watched in awe as Belinda first uncovered all sorts of unusual and interesting vases and vessels in my home that I would never even have thought of using to display flowers in.
Next she moved into my garden, secateurs in hand, cutting snippets of this and that and teaching me about all the plants as she went along.
Finally she showed me how to simply and stylishly arrange my foliage and flowers in my very own vases and containers in the most creative, simple and stylish way….the results were amazing!
It is four years later, and I am still being inspired from what I learnt from Belinda on that morning. I no longer spend a fortune on cut flowers at Woolies and I have the ongoing sense of satisfaction of creating simple, unique and beautiful displays for my home.

– Sue –


How nice is it to come down from my miserable bedroom and walk into this beautiful setting full of flowers and arrangements. Thank you so much! So thoughtful and creative. Love it!!
– Bridget (flower bomb recipient) –



Aephoria Partners has worked with Belinda for five years with various corporate groups. Over this time the participants and ourselves have taken great delight in the experience of arranging flowers, developing creativity and intuition. She has a wonderful, gentle way of working with people that gets them over any nervousness or learner anxiety. Her facilitation has enabled much in the way of building insight into the thinking patterns of participants and this has been of great value particularly in developing strategic thinking. We are continuing to work with her and wholeheartedly endorse her and the experience she creates.
– Julia –


Belinda has a raw natural talent with the ability to make something out of very little. What I love about Belinda is her love for the tiniest flower, she sees beauty when we miss it. She came into my house to do some arrangements for a party. She bought a small bunch of flowers with her and the rest she found in my garden. She pulled together these beautiful natural, un-styled arrangements that so enhanced my decor and were in keeping with my style. Belinda came up with some lovely ideas for my patio and outdoor living area. She arrived one afternoon and transformed a dull lifeless area into a space with character and charm.
– Nikki –


Belinda has the knack for putting together the simplest arrangements in the most beautiful & creative way using your own vases. In the end you look at the creation and you think wow, that is truly amazing. Belinda also potted, re arranged & bought plants for my outside veranda creating a lovely outdoor greenery. She has an incredible eye and talent for creating in this field.
– Julie –


The hanging garden of Babylon looks awesome! Thank you for being so creative and proactive – you’ve gone beyond the call of duty!
– Leanne (A Love Supreme) –


I love my roses.  They make me happy.  Thanks
– Nikki –